Corissa Howard is a local Winder fitness trainer with 19 years of experience and a 3rd degree black belt from Twin Tigers. She graduated from Young Harris College in 1996 with an Associate of Science and home schooled her two children all K-12 years. Fitness experience comes from years of experience in physical therapy at Nova Care, Health South, Barrow Medical. She has also trained at the Winder YMCA, Fit body Boot camps, AFAA certified Personal Training, and PE coaching. Current personal trainer certification through Expert Rating and current on CPR/BLS certifications. She is a Christian and attends Bethlehem Church in Winder, GA. 

                ABOUT C5 FITNESS

C5 Fitness, LLC is a personal training owner operated service that encompasses 5 areas of training: muscular endurance, muscular strength, cardiovascular exercise, nutrition, and flexibility. C5 stands for Champions of Grace. Small personal training groups are formed each month and exist for accountability, inspiration, and Christian training. C5 Fitness, LLC hopes to successfully start your day with scripture, prayer, exercise, and lasting friendships!


Why Train with Coach Corissa

“She’s the best hands down” –Katlyn Roberds
“You push me and your love for God” –Jessica Gunter
“Corissa is not just a ‘coach’ she is a true friend and God-fearing woman. She always knows what I need when I need it: physically, spiritually, emotionally.” –Wendy Frost
“Spiritual reasons, friendship, support, it is where I am supposed to be, ambition to be in the best health, weight loss, and energy!” –Amy Bowers
“Her amazing spirit and love for Jesus!”—Terri Tarver
“Because she’s the BEST!” –Amy Bowdoin
“I wanted to support a local friend and heard really good things about her” –Bill Bowdoin
“Great coach, always wanting best for others and she pushed me to do more.” –Misty Elrod
“Referred by a close friend whom I trust. She highly recommended you.” –Letitia Nalder
“My friend speaks very highly of you”—Amy Myers
“She always listens to our ailments and adjust workouts accordingly. Corissa always keeps up with you and genuinely cares.” –Amber Wigley
“Coach Corissa cares and understands each of her clients. She ensures she understands what they want to accomplish and provides an avenue to achieve those goals. Corissa is well respected and provides that same level of respect to her clients.” –Lee Wigley
“Christ is first in her life! Motivating, and she came to my house for free first.” –Stacy Dupre
“Awesome trainer, motivating, encourager, knowledge of knowing healthy info for your mind, body, spirit.” –Lawana Cofer
“I want her to kick my butt back into shape.” –Caitlin Colvin
“Because she is the best and I love her faith and values.” –Carolee Hannah
“She cares about you physically and spiritual health too.” –Amanda Allyce
“Coach Corissa is motivating, supportive, encouraging. She also is the most faithful person I have ever been blessed to know. Adding faith and she spiritually adds something to the workout that could never be compared to.” –Tina Ronghi
“She’s the best!” –Stacy Savage
“Accountability, change of routines, pushes me, prays for me, encouraging and positive.”—Cindy Blalock


If you are interested in training with Coach Corissa Click the link below and she will contact you about a membership.