• Coach Corissa

Detox from what?

I know we are all toxic due to the free radicals caused by stress and the many metals in our atmosphere. Our world of technology is changing, our soils for our gardens are changing, and so many more areas that it is literally making us sick! I have answers. Let’s begin with giving yourself hope! We could look at all the problems and get no where so let’s start by changing our ingredients that cause inflammation. Do you eat corn, canola oil, sugar, or drink sodas or alcohol. Start by simply replacing those with avocado oil and low sugar kombucha. Start snacking On cilantro, parsley, mint, and maybe start drinking warm lemon water. I do Arbonne protein powders at least 2 x per day because I love the flavor and I trust the source of the ingredient. I plan to feel great every day by doing a meal plan that I know makes me feel best. I want you to feel great too! Life is too short to feel crappy! Please comment below how certain foods help you feel great!

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