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Updated: Jan 15

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Set timer for 35 seconds work and 8 sec rest with 8 sets and 4 cycles. Rotate the two exercises until 4 of each are complete, then do the next couplet

Barbell overhand row

Rocket Jump

Plate or DB carry

Box Jump or Tuck Jump

DB plank Row

MB throw and retrieve

Rope Slam Burpee or Burpee if you don't have a rope

DB Heavy Pants (squat to pull up)

Russian Twists

Star Crunch

12/22/19 4 stations with 2 exercises for 30 seconds each until 3 rounds are complete, then do next station

Bench press with Straight leg drop TRX strap tricep skull crusher

Box push with weights

DB lunges

Lat pull down with bands

Plank up downs

Band monster walk

Plank Jacks with band

Do star jacks for 30 sec between each station

Do burnout for 2 min: Pop squat side leap burpee

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