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Habits: Keep or change them?

How do you describe your quirks?

Take time this week to analyze your habits in the kitchen, food in the bed or living room, eating out with friends, meals/snacks before you arrive home, or as soon as you get home, or in the middle of the night....

Here are a few of mine that I need to stop:

I like to have a warm beverage like an additional cup of coffee while reading

I sometimes open the cabinet or refrigerator when I am not even hungry

When I am upset, I want to put something like chips or a crunchy item in my mouth

When I am cleaning up left overs I find myself taking extra bites but I am not hungry When I am with family, I think I need a dessert after dinner

Here are a few I want to keep:

I eat small meals 5x per day

I drink water before 1st cup of coffee

I eat my leafy veggies before starch veggies

I exercise in the am

I go to bed at a time that allows me at least 6 hours or more on about 6 days/week.

This week take some time to analyze the habits you need to stop and the ones that are helping you be healthier.

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