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Let it Go!

Let go of the number on the scale! Let go of the calorie and macro counting! It's a waste of energy because it causes anxiety and higher cortisol levels which ultimately defeats the measure of health. We all know that stress kills more people than much of anything else. We often remember what we should be forgetting and we forget who we should be remembering. I love this statement because it helps us love ourselves and others in this journey called life! Isaiah 43:18 NIV states: "Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past." Living in the present and just doing your best every day can bring us more peace than living stressful yesterdays with the should've, could've, would haves.

As we approach the fall, we lament the days of warm sunshine and green trees. When seasons change, we have a tendency to hold on to the things that nourished our souls, kind of like how a tree holds on to the chlorophyll within the roots. What I mean from a spiritual perspective is that when God is doing a new thing (Isaiah 43:19), you have to trust Him and let go of reasoning. It's so hard when you can not see a new way, like intuitive eating. You may feel like you are in a prison of darkness without direction. You feel like if you let go of what you've always known, then you'll lose without the potential for new growth. We hold on to many patterns and people in fear of change from the common way. Again, it's like a prison.

Peter was in prison, about to be tortured by King Herod as told in the book of Acts chapter 12. He was held by two chains, two guards, and two prison gates. He was lead by one angel of the Lord. Acts 12:7 the angel told him, "Quick! Get up! Get your sandals on and follow me!" Peter thought he was dreaming! When he was led out, (meanwhile the gates were opening for him) he then realized that the Lord had rescued him. What do you need to be rescued from? How long will you stay in the prison of shame? I stayed there for a very long, long, long time. Confidence and competence robbed me of joy! I know God has great plans for me and for you. He doesn't look for the perfect shape or perfect character. He loves and calls whom he wants without condemnation because of the past. Every day we need to wake up and put on a garment called Praise! Decide that you will not be bound by chains of fear, doubt, discouragement, or intimidation. When the angel said, "Get up!" it wasn't a polite conversation such as, 'Do you want to get up?' I hope this blog will remind us to see that living each day is a gift. Use this day to shine the perfect season within in, no matter how bare it seems. Every day is part of a great story! Visualize the beauty of every season, and let go of the things you should be forgetting. Remember who made you! You are amazing and destined for greatness!

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