• Coach Corissa

Living instead of making time to live

If mindset is everything then why do we all know what to do but doing it is such a different story? Life can be defined differently depending upon who you ask. Living life is the same; It’s to whom you ask. I’m currently 44 years old and living life now is completely different than life in my 30s. I used to operate out of survival. Now, I just live in the moment and I do not stress about tomorrow or the next hour. If someone gets upset with me I wipe it off as their problem. I know I do my best and though I could do better, I do not judge myself or stress because I am relaxed and content in all things. I have so many responsibilities, yet the most important is my sanity. I want to encourage you to start living life in the moment rather than stressing over the concept of “making time to live.” We all have the same time in every day so just be active in living it to the fullest. You can’t decide to make time for a vacation so that you can be happy. Decide today that you will be thankful in the storm. Live in the storm, dance with the rain; you don’t have to be perfect if you know you are loved. Join the mission to break chains and create healthy lifestyles with C5. Grace is when you trust in Jesus’ perfection, not your own reasoning, like when you will make time for something. Reach out to those who can help you understand the value of living life!

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