• Coach Corissa

Set apart

Have you ever wanted to be set apart from the culture? I have never enjoyed being like everyone else or “in a click.” I enjoy group fellowship and being part of something bigger, but I really enjoy seeing breakthrough from people’s continual faith. We are all shaped by events in our lives. Not many of us are the same as we were years past. Actually I was not even saved as a Christian until my twenties. My faith continues to grow now in my 40s. As a Christian we experience life like a heartbeat. Its through trials and tribulations that we discover what culture is best for growth.

C5 Fitness is a private gym where the culture is different. We pray, we workout hard, and we have other opportunities for family fun! God has a calling on each of our lives. Let us seek and find the answers to our calling because the time is now that you have to separate yourself from the statistics and cultural norms and do what is not popular so you can see the manifest power of faith in action! I trust that you are reading this because God is speaking to you about doing something uncommon so you can have uncommon favor!

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